Vital information such as initial property information, objectives and maintenance tasks, and also their scheduling and documentation, can be saved in the digital maintenance log. Using the digital maintenance log means that maintenance task management is effective and systematic.

Putting real estate information in order

The digital maintenance log works within House Optima® , a system into which all property information can be properly and efficiently stored. This system is compatible with all modern browsers and also allows mobile access through tablets and smartphones. By using our reliable system the right people can locate the information they need, and put it effectively to use in property decision-making.

Ease of real estate maintenance

The digital maintenance log makes property management easier and more efficient. Thanks to accurate and up-to-date information managing maintenance task planning, scheduling and execution becomes easier. You can utilise the digital maintenance log to remind you of upcoming maintenance work.

Transparent maintenance work

Residents can order maintenance through the system. When maintenance is complete the system will record this internally and the resident will be sent an email notification. Real estate maintenance can be transparently monitored and the system also enables reports on completed and future maintenance work to be made.

House Optima system

Property value preserved

Carefully completing the digital maintenance log will prove to be a benefit when anticipating future maintenance and renovation needs. Having up-to-date maintenance information helps preserve both the value and condition of the property. An unbroken maintenance history is also an advantage when it comes to asking for offers from insurance companies.

Automatic messaging

The digital logbook has been developed as a means to store property maintenance information and to convey information. The digital logbook facilitates smooth information flow because particular attention has been paid to its built-in communication capabilities. This means that in certain functions communication is automatic.