Optima Lock™ facilitates transit and access management. It is an electronic locking system that enables transit by means of an access code or tag. Access rights can be easily managed through the system.

Quick changes

Optima Lock™ ensures secure locking and means that easy entry is gained within the customer’s desired time-frame. Granting new access rights and making changes in locking happen quickly and efficiently within the electronic House Optima® system.

Remote control

The user-friendly House Optima® system offers hassle-free control of transit management and monitoring. Its electronic locking system also makes remote control possible. Monitoring access tag use, managing door codes, granting and removing access rights, as well as controlling door locking can all be effectively taken care of.

Customer as administrator

The customer can take care of transit management and monitoring in the House Optima® system. Access rights and the times when doors are locked can be set. This means for example that in cases of lost keys, access tag deletion or addition is easily done in the system. The customer is able to independently make use of the system for transit management and monitoring as he sees fit. However Optima will upon request provide assistance.

Optima Lock älylukko ulko-oven pielessä.

The safe solution

Optima Lock™ is set up with the most reliable devices. The customer is able to track transit movement occurring on the property, as door opening times as well as access rights can be timed in the desired fashion. In situations where further details are required, login access data can provide additional information. Optima Lock™ brings added security to for example rental properties or to unmanned locations.

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