We provide security technology services for demanding customer requirements, with individualised design and mapping. At your disposal also are intelligent service solutions for real estate expense management, camera surveillance, as well as communication and customer service features. Our self-service lockers and info screens enhance customer service opportunities. Wi-Fi networking and IT support services are realised as individual solutions for customers.


Optima Security technology services are always performed by professionals. We follow the industry guidelines and improve our services constantly in order to offer the best customer experience. Optima is a holder of the Security Sector Business License which ensures that our services will meet the industry standards. Our in-house full-service development team allows us to keep improving our products further and to produce exacting solutions that demand wide range of expertise. To answer our customer needs, our development department creates both device and software solutions.

Optima Security technology services facilitate lock, transit, and access management. Our Smart Lock clientele come from different backgrounds like hotel, commercial, housing, and educational industries. Optima Lock™ system provides customers more flexibility to execute access management solutions in wide range of environments. Our systems support different lock providers products while most of our solutions are implemented by using Chiyu and SALTO systems.


By providing versatile solutions we can offer the best service experience. Oiva Locker™ self-service automates can be used in multi-user environments, such as laptop borrowing services in schools and libraries. Other typical uses include automatization needs of corporation mailing services and the holding, borrowing and pick-up services for high value items. When used for medical equipment pick-up, customers can order their items online or by phone and collect them safely from Oiva Locker™ self-service automate.