Camera surveillance adds another dimension to security, property protection, and monitoring. Surveillance can be installed both inside and outside the property. Real-time imaging and video recordings make it possible to effectively monitor the property.

A reliable system

Camera surveillance happens by means of one or more IP cameras, having a monitoring range of approximately 30 meters. Optima Camera surveillance can be installed both inside and outside enabling comprehensive monitoring of transit movement in and around the property. Real-time imaging enables real-time monitoring, while video recordings can be utilised in cases where additional follow-up is necessary. As part of the installation process, Optima will also provide customer training. Camera surveillance brings additional security to the property and can help in gaining insurance discounts.

Improved lighting

During camera installation Optima would be happy to map out property lighting needs. Good lighting is in fact an essential part of property monitoring, and it is a prerequisite when it comes to setting up surveillance. Particularly outdoor areas may need additional lighting so that camera image separation works at the required level. Good lighting also in itself enhances the safety of the property and acts as a deterrent for vandalism and crime.


Working towards property security

Optima Camera surveillance both increases security and protects property thereby diminishing the threat of crime and vandalism. Camera surveillance is suitable for companies, housing companies, professional and private users in all kinds of locations where being able to monitor and trace comings and goings is desired.