Optima provides customised IT services to support business. Optima IT services are always customer-oriented and designed to meet even the most demanding of customer needs. IT support services and WLAN networks are always implemented in accordance with the customer’s specifications, taking into consideration the circumstances of the individual property. Careful mapping leads to safe and secure solutions.


Optima installs WLANs to meet demanding customer requirements. In many companies a reliable wireless network is a necessity for customers and visitors, so Optima will very carefully design the network according to customer needs. The wireless network is constructed, taking into account property-specific details, to cover the entire defined area. 

IT support

Optima’s comprehensive service offering is also included within the customer’s existing IT support services. The scope and content of support services is negotiated with the customer. IT support is carried out in accordance with the customer’s needs and quality is assured via the solid performance and ease of use of Optima’s services. Optima IT support provides customers, for example with call-out services.

Optima IT services staff member in work

Development of IT services

Optima IT services were originally developed as particular solutions within the real estate sector that have been further refined to meet very diverse customer needs. Our IT services are always customer-oriented and we supply the most reliable solutions for every need.